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Marine Interiors

joinery & carpentry

Have a boat or yacht which needs teak decking or interiors?

We have experience in producing interiors and teak decking for boats and yachts.

Our large carpentry and joinery workshop have a team of well-qualified and highly experienced professionals, specialised in

woodworks, carvings, laminate pressing, spray lacquer finishing and more.

Want bespoke furniture? Tired of buying furniture that is mass produced and that "will do" as it meets "most" of your requirements?

At MTS we can produce furniture as per your requirements and design.

We maintain strong communication link with all key stakeholders, including designers, architects and builders. The planning, production and installation of our total fit-out projects is carried out based on the industry best practices.

Total Fit-out Projects

Our Scope of Services



Timing, accuracy, and minimal disruption are the guidelines for our fit-out installation specialists. On-site installation is handled by factory-certified technicians, supervised by our Interiors team.

​Our team members have the project management expertise to ensure that all drawings and schedules are adhered to, and all your special requirements are met.
Planning, organizing, directing and controlling of production activities, are the phases of Mano Technical's production management process.

​Our factory-certified technicians are guided by our highly experienced production team for converting the materials into fit-outs, furniture and other products. We bring together the workforce, machines, materials and methods to satisfy the wants of our clients.
Attention to detail - from asking the right initial questions to verifying final floor plans and bills of materials - is what our Planning Services are all about.

​Our dedicated team, with the help of 3D AutoCAD and other tools, will turn your vision into a professional plan, complete with specifications, bills of materials, schedules and working drawings.




How We Do It..!


Our production services include wall-to-wall and floor to ceiling fit outs and furniture. Our team of project managers and technicians provide the highest standard of fit-outs and furniture production and installation for any space. At MTS, through the production capability, strategic partnerships and experience of the project management team, we deliver from simple to complex solutions while ensuring on budget productions.

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